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Almost as Real: Wheel Smash

Almost as Real: Wheel Smash

March,31 2020

We have all been there, the moment when your team is ready in terms of development, game design and project management to rock the charts. But the one and most important part is missing, ideation. Good news is, we assure you it is not a talent but a skill you have to improve.

Now you might be thinking that you are not developing an RTS game to PC or an FPS game for PS with a storyline. Rather you are developing a hyper – casual game in which the content might not have a killer effect at the end of the day as long as the execution of your game is perfect. This is somewhat true since, especially for the latest simulation genre in top charts, hyper – casual games you observe in top charts could make you ask the following: ‘’where is the idea behind filling in a buss of people or carving a wood?’’. Well, it is actually there and it’s not all about perfect execution. This will take us to our latest hit Wheel Smash, ranking #1 in US top charts.

Finding the Satisfying Moments

The idea of a concept being satisfying and shareable did not come to our lives for nothing. The key factor here is to find, especially for simulation games, a movement or a phenomenon that great portion of your users to be already likes in real life. Mining such videos in different sources is exceptionally crucial.

It seems bizarre that people would spend any amount of time watching a person smash any material. Why does this give your brain tingles? It may have something to do with a phenomenon known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). The condition usually causes a relaxing tingling in a person’s scalp and the back of their neck, and can extend into the rest of the body in response to particular sounds, smells, or visuals. 

Repetitive behaviors that are connected to the sense of touch might be a good key point for any game creator to start with. In the example of Wheel Smash, we ran into videos with millions of views, in which people crush hard and soft things with the perfect angle for that crunchy satisfaction moment. This led us to give it a shot with proper art and execution.

Is this your next hit to be? 

Let’s say you have the idea now that is unique as we did and according to your research, no one ever tried this before which is extremely important and should be the first thing you need to check. This is the moment that you need to calculate level 5, level 10, level 30 and above. The concept that we like to call ‘depth’ of the game. Would you let your users just randomly smash random objects and move on with their lives, or would you prepare them challenges, extra mechanics and levels to keep them enjoyed with what they are playing?

One of the greatest advantages of producing hyper casual game is the ability to turn almost anything into a game within a short period of time. To turn this into your advantage, never stop taking a look at up-to-date phenomenal concepts. One thing we haven’t covered comes into picture here, your production rate, meaning the pace of your game development. Act fast, there are probably hundreds who already started developing your next hit to be…

Need to focus this energy out of your body? Start smashing stuff with one wheel...